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SoftPoint produces a series of Point of Sale verticals that white labels to companies. Our Point of Sale systems are designed for various markets.

  • Description

    SoftPoint is a feature rich Point of Sale solution designed for the vertical it is used in.

  • Main Features

    Due to our vast connectivity experience our Point of Sale Solution has many of the features found in the most feature rich solutions.

  • Key Advantages

    Our solution is designed for multiple markets and is cloud-based which allows us to implement our services in any environment.

  • Designed For

    SoftPoint Point of Sale is designed for restaurant, hotels, spas, ticketing and any retail type merchant.

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Our Point of Sale solutions are designed to run on an Android desktop, tablets or smart phone.


Even though cloud based our solution can run without the need of constant internet.


SoftPoint's Point of Sale is integrated into DataPoint in order to offer various payment options.


SoftPoint can at run at multiple locations and offer easy access to: store, brand, region, sales, or corporate-wide information.

Business Intelligence

Built into SoftPoint Point of Sale is our ability to offer business intelligence and smart reporting.

Ease of Use

Softpoint Point of Sale is feature rich yet laid out logically for quick and easy use.

SoftPoint Stand

Counter or Wall mount includes 11.5 RCA Tablet

Our Point of Sale solution can run on any Android based terminal. SoftPoint has created its own versatile counter stand. Our ergonomic design allows for an RCA 11.5 inch tablet which can easily be inserted and removed from the stand to allow the user to go from stationary to mobile instantly. The stand has a swivel base so that the user can see the items purchased and sign on the screen.

SoftPoint stand comes in two versions: for counters and kiosks. As a kiosk, the stand has a key to secure the tablet in place. The stand can be used with our ControlPoint suite of products.

All of our stands - including the 11.5 inch RCA Android kiosk - are available for

$350 per stand.

Manage Easier

SoftPoint Point of Sale is available for many different types of businesses with our main markets represented below.


Casual or Fine Dinning

Our solution can be used to manage literally any business in the restaurant space, from quick service to fine dining.

SoftPoint Restaurant Suite is a cloud based Point of Sale system designed to manage quick service, casual dining and table service. It communicates directly to printers and offers an inexpensive, simple to use solution.
SoftPoint Restaurant Suite can run in any restaurant and is available in multiple languages and able to also handle multiple currencies.
Our solution has all the features you would need to find in a robust restaurant Point of Sale system including: integration to reservation, CRM, payments, time and attendance, and back office management controls.


Any Retail Business

Our retail suite is designed to be able to run in simple to complex retail establishments.

The SoftPoint Retail suite is based on the ability to sell items and to keep track of what's sold in real-time. This helps manage your inventory especially if you offer e-commerce.
Our product can be installed in any retail type store. It can be used in a simple sales environment and even in an elaborate commercial multi store business.
SoftPoint Retail Suite has the ability to track everything sold and how it is sold as well offer on-line reporting and true business intelligence in order to make better commercial decisions.


Any Hospitality Business

HotelPoint is designed to simplify operations in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality is a very specific market. SoftPoint knows this business as it owns and operates hotels today. SoftPoint Hotel Suite simplifies operations and streamlines work flow so that your business runs more efficiently.
SoftPoint Hotel Suite was created specifically for its intended market by professionals that understand and operate businesses in today’s competitive world. Our solution enables you to better manage your rooms' inventory and rates so you can focus more on your clients.
Track of hotel inventory, guest totals, daily activity, housekeeping and more all from a centralized dashboard. Our solutions will assist in the coordination of room reservations with an integrated client database that will allow returning clients to quickly reserve a room. Our visual room boards serve as a command center, allowing clerks to see the status of current and future-date rooms and giving them the ability to change the status of the rooms and report any maintenance issues in real time.

Spa & Services

Any booking type business

The SoftPoint Spa Suite is designed to manage any type of reservation or service based activity.

Spa Suite enables the ability to track not only services, but also the rooms used for those services. This allows you to coordinate reservations and customers, optimizing the sales process.
The SoftPoint Spa Suite of product can run on any Spa, nail salon, hair salon, reservation service, service business, etc. Any business that keeps tracks of staff or area sales can use this products.
Use your own mobile device to quickly process all your customers' requests. Reduce you hardware costs and implementation fees from day one. See a snapshot of the trends affecting your business on a daily basis in order to quickly adapt and make better decisions on how to handle what you see.


Any admission business

Manage all your ticket sales with ease from our integrated platform.

The SoftPoint Ticketing Suite allows you to offer and sell admission or reservation tickets based in real time. This allows you to have multiple sales points without overbooking.
Our Ticketing Suite of product is ideal for amusement parks, theatres, parks, concessions and any other business that requires ticketing.
Our product is easy to use and simple to implement. They are highly responsive and offer you instant results. Empower your employees to not only identify real-time issues on the go, but also notify each other in order to streamline your operations.
  • Hardware
    Desktop or Stands

    We manufacture a tablet holder that can be used on a counter or as a wall mounted kiosk. You can choose our stands or opted to use other terminals.

  • Peripherals
    Everything you need

    SoftPoint has tested and approved a series of printers, cash drawers, scales, scanners and other peripherals for you to use.

  • Payments
    Swipe, Dip and Tap

    Our DataPoint & AIO Smart Payment Terminal combination allowing you to process payments through the largest acquires in the world.