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SoftPoint has produced a series of Marketplaces for various market verticals. Our Marketplaces are privately labeled and offered by our strategic partners.

  • Description

    Designed to be able to take payments while recording key information about the payment.

  • Main Features

    Allows users to accept payments of any type, anywhere, at any time, regardless of industry.

  • Key Advantages

    Ability to take risk free transactions, eliminate chargebacks, and better manage payments.

  • Designed For

    Designed for any business or service provider that takes electronic payments.

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Our Marketplaces are designed to offer up-to-the-minute information insuring the best online experience.

Mobile Access

Our Marketplaces can be accessed through a mobile browser allowing any user to quickly get connected.


SoftPoint hosts all of its Marketplaces using redundant services and accessibility insuring maximum uptime.


SoftPoint reverse engineered its card present platform to offer the highest level of card not present transactions.


Most of our Marketplaces are inventory centric. SoftPoint uses a patented technology to maximize accuracy.


SoftPoint development expertise allows for any of our platforms to be quickly updated to our customer needs.

Hospitality Centric Environments

SoftPoint specializes in the Hospitality industry, here are a few of the Marketplaces available.

Booking Engine

Hotel Reservations

Our booking engine is designed to centralize hotel rooms into Global Distribution Platforms.

The SoftPoint Booking Engine is designed to control hotel room inventory in order to maximize inventory allotment and the rate sold.
Our booking engine is designed for the hospitality industry but has been adapted to be used in any market that needs to have rolling inventory.
We keep track of rooms by various grouping methods as well have multiple pay rates depending on the source and a series of various revenue management algorithms.


ecommerce Platform

Our platforms are designed for any business that would like to offer its products online.

We have a very unique bridge between online and brick and mortar sales. Our solution can maximize inventory regardless of where it is sold in order to ensure continuity.
Our ecommerce Marketplace can be used by any business that has goods for sell online. Our solution allows for inventory, consignment and third party sales.
The most extensive feature is our ability to join our store level SoftPoint Point of Sale system with our online Marketplace solutions allowing one centralized environment for all activity.


Industry Specific Job Placement

StaffPoint is designed to post and offer jobs for the hospitality industry

Our online job placement platform is integrated into our Employee Lifecycle platform, allowing merchants and corporations to offer jobs in real-time.
StaffPoint is designed for service related industries specifically hotels, restaurants, retail, and other service related businesses such as spas or entertainment.
The StaffPoint Marketplace can be private to a specific company in order to run all of the applicants and onboarding process. The platform can also be used to track incidents and other specific required information.


SoftPoint offers a completely integrated Restaurant Reservation Marketplace with hostess management and integrated table access.


Control Reservations and Availability with ease


Manage all of your tables from one simple to use platform

Mobile Ready

Users can make reservations from anywhere and on any device


Our reservation solution integrates with your Point of Sales