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SoftPoint offers payment solutions for all types of merchants in a non-disruptive gradual approach. See how we can get you compliant, reduce charge-backs, save money and run more efficiently today.
DataPoint allows merchant, using anyone of our integrated Point of Sale systems, to immediately process payments and orders while streamlining operations and have peace of mind that you’re compliant.

  • Description

    Integrate with various Point of Sale Systems in order to take payments and much more.

  • Main Features

    Allows the user to pay at the table, counter, classically by tip adjust, or out in the field while updating information.

  • Key Advantages

    Takes business out of scope and eliminates swipe based charge backs while upgrading all payments.

  • Designed For

    Designed for Restaurants, Retail and Hotels in order to take secure integrated payments.

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EMV Certified

Accepts both Chip & PIN and Chip & Signature EMV transactions.


Line bust, take it in the field, and do full orders from DataPoint.

Tip Adjustments

If you are not ready to take it to the table, then use our Tip Adjustment and run as you do today.


Tickets, menus and employees are updated in real-time thereby minimizing server training.


Allowing for PCI-P2PE transactions while removing POS systems from PCI scope.

Business Intelligence

Get up to the minute information with our FlashPoint and Business Intelligence.


SoftPoint is an integrator solving the interconnection problems that have delayed the deployment of EMV throughout the marketplace. Our technology allows us to connect to Point of Sale systems, even Legacy systems, to be able to process secure EMV, contactless, and swipe payments if needed efficiently and securely. Our patented innovation is the ability to connect with a Point of Sale system without having to physically be connected to their user terminals. More importantly, we don’t connect to any ports on the actual terminal, thereby eliminating the ability to see any data and ultimately be breached. We eliminate the information from going back and forth between the terminals by creating an internal payment cloud within the merchant’s environment which allows the merchant to efficiently process payments, while taking their entire Point of Sale System and even Legacy Point of Sale systems, completely out of scope.

This approach enables us to speed up the EMV and Contactless payment process. Today, we offer our patented DataPoint Retail, Restaurant and Hotel products on several payment terminals, like Clover, Poynt and PAX. SoftPoint also runs on its own smart payment terminal called the AIO.


DataPoint integrates with the following Point of Sale solutions.


Take a look at how easy it is to make payment and orders on DataPoint

Payment & Ordering Videos

Available Anywhere at Anytime

DataPoint can run either at the table, on the counter or even in the field.

Traditional Payments

Casual or Fine Dinning

DataPoint allows you to process payments as you do today with minimal disruption. Simply dip instead of swipe.

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If you’re not ready to change the way you do business allow our Payment Buddy to quickly get you compliant and taking EMV payments without having to change the way your staff is used to working.
DataPoint is designed for restaurants of all types, from casual dining to high-end table service restaurants. DataPoint can be installed in your operation in less than 1 hour and can be implemented gradually.
The Payment Buddy allows you to use the same processes your staff are used to. On some Point of Sale systems you’re even able to process the adjustment in the same manner you’re accustomed to.

Pay at the Table

Casual or Fine Dinning

Be fully compliant by taking DataPoint to the table to make secure EMV payments immediately and streamline operations with ordering.

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DataPoint allows any restaurant or even retail merchants using a Point of Sale system we integrate with to immediately be able to process EMV payments and create orders, therefore streamlining operations.
Ideal for any business that takes orders and payments at the table. This way your business will be completely in scope while also benefiting from enhanced operations.
DataPoint allows you to make EMV, swipe, and contactless/ mobile secure payments. DataPoint takes your business completely out of scope and eliminates fraudulent charge backs. DataPoint also acts as an ordering terminal, which helps merchants speed up service.

Pay at the Counter

Quick Service & Retail

Speed up your operations with fast EMV and line busting capabilities while eliminating fraudulent chargebacks.

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Our patented system allows us to process payments independently of the point of sale terminal. We take your POS terminal completely out of scope and enhance your operations by allowing payment processing to be done externally of the POS process.
DataPoint is designed for any quick service establishment. It can be put on any counter in order to take customer facing secure payments.
Customer A gets to the cashier, he is then rung up and is moved to the payment steps. The cashier can then start working with Customer B while Customer A is making their payment. Once Customer A is finished, Customer B can move over and repeat the process; this methodology increases the operational flow of your business.

Pay in the Field

All mobile sales

Take card present transactions anywhere at any time. Ideal for events, food trucks, catering, etc.

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DataPoint is designed to take payments in areas where you would typically not be able to. DataPoint uses commercial Wi-Fi but can also run on a failover switch or on 4G. This enables merchants to use DataPoint anywhere.
DataPoint empowers any business that takes payments to be mobile, and therefore capable of taking payments anywhere.
Besides taking payments where you need them most, DataPoint allows for users to create new checks, make additions, or void transactions without the user having to return to a desktop terminal. This feature speeds up service and increases the productivity of merchants.

Additional Advantages

DataPoint goes beyond just taking payments by offering true advantages that both you and your customers will benefit from.


Our patented Expeditor Watch allows for uninterrupted operations. The watch serves as a communication tool that messages the user by vibrating.

The main function of the Expeditor Watch is to be used in unison with DataPoint. This accessory alerts the server when the customer has finalized their payment experience. In addition, the Expeditor Watch will alert the server if there is a problem with the payment, allowing the server to immediately assist the client.

The Expeditor Watch allows the host or any staff to update the table status in order to further expedite table turnover and can even be coupled with Uber® or Valet to bring the customer's car around. The Expeditor Watch can also be used to notify the server when an order is ready to be picked up.

$69 per watch / $5 per month per watch

Smart Terminals

We recommend running DataPoint on our own Smart Terminal called AIO (All in One). AIO is produced by ExaDigm, a world leader in terminal manufacturing. DataPoint is also terminal agnostic, meaning it can run on many other smart terminals.

Available on First Data, TSYS, WorldPay.
Exclusive to First Data.
Available on Chase(pending), First Data,
TSYS, and Vantiv.
Available on Chase(pending), Elavon, Evo,
First Data, TSYS, and Vantiv.


Using our integration capabilities, SoftPoint allows for any business both small and large to be able to implement a full service interactive kiosk.

Our Kiosk uses the items and the menus in your Point Of Sale and displays them in the logical order you would like them presented to your users. Once items are ordered we use the same rules in your Point of Sale system to expedite orders to the various printers or monitors.

The beauty of our Kiosk is that it is integrated into DataPoint, allowing your users to make secure EMV or Mobile Wallet type payments directly at the Kiosk.

Starting at $79 per month per kiosk


SoftPoint hardware can be ordered directly or through our distributor channels.


DataPoint is available from various resellers, the following is our suggested retail price.
Prices may varies depending on reseller affiliations and promotions.

Single User

$100 Monthly

Payments Module


Cyber Security


24/7/365 Support

Up to 4 Users

$350 Monthly

Payment Processing

Multi User Integration

Cyber Management

Full Hosting

24/7/365 Support

$40 per additional terminal monthly

Ordering Module

$150 Monthly

Menu Ordering

Live Menu Updates


Prep and Sides

Real time Changes