Easy acceptance of more payment styles
in a safe, COVID-bubble environment.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we figured there must be a
way to revolutionize the exchange of payments in today's
marketplace. SoftPoint, an expert in card-present and integration
solutions for the hospitality market, has now created GOPoint's
entire suite of products to tackle payments in our current "Bring
Your Own Device" society without a dependency on terminals.

GOPoint Wallet is now available!


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Transcend terminals, even in customer-facing
and card-present scenarios.


Take advantage of mobile, credit cards, Venmo, PayPal, gift cards, and more


FREE stands can be placed at or taken to the counter, table, delivery, or curbside


Seamlessly integrate your mobile wallet with your operating system to manage payments, tips, discounts and closings


Bridge your eCommerce site and
Mobile wallet offering.

  • Secure your business by passing payment liability to the consumer through a tokenized QR code and user location tracking for authentic verification
  • Allow purchasing process to be faster, more secure, and more efficient
  • Immediately benefit from your current merchant account relationships

Streamline unattended payments.


Combine a contact-free payment environment with security and equipment capital reduction.


Provide wristbands tied to a white-label mobile wallet to make payments and manage activity


Operate in open or closed loop states and process both at-the-moment and incremental payments

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unattended or hybrid-attended solution.

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