What is SoftPoint?
Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and with over 30+ years in the hospitality industry, SoftPoint is a revolutionary hospitality ecosystem designed increase revenue, operationalize, enhance security and provide complete transparency into your business.
What is DataPoint?
DataPoint is a patented integration processing solution which was created to allow two separate disparate environments to communicate with each other without requiring software development by their parent companies. Our developers created DataPoint, a middleware that allows us to integrate preexisting Point of Sale and Property Management Systems into one simple to use PCI compliant EMV payment processing and ordering platform.
Do you integrate with my POS?
Yes! SoftPoint integrates with top Point of Sale systems shown here. Our specialty is reliably communicating to your POS, accurately every single time.
What if the merchant doesn’t have the required license for the POS integration?
When a license is required for SoftPoint to integrate into a Point of Sale system, you can easily obtain a license from your Point of Sale dealer and in most cases SoftPoint can help. While it will cost roughly +$1,000 for the license, SoftPoint solution does not require an upgrade to the latest PCI compliant version of the Point of Sale system, as SoftPoint takes the POS out of scope. Most EMV solutions will require this upgrade which is typically greater than $5,000.
What is the installation process?
Once the hardware is onsite, SoftPoint can remotely set you up. The process starts by SoftPoint remotely accessing your POS systems where we run an installation program that takes about an hour. From there we will have the merchant turn on the devices, so we can connect them to environment. The process takes just over an hour and after setup we will remotely train you, or ‘on-site’ when arranged.
Does SoftPoint offer tailored training packages?
SoftPoint offers training packages customized to your business including initial installation, training documentation and 24/7 support to handle your needs.
How do I become a Reseller?
Simply fill out the online form shown here, so SoftPoint can learn a little bit more about your company and then a SoftPoint representative will reach out to you to walk you through the process.
How much does SoftPoint cost?
SoftPoint has several pricing options based on set up, number of terminals and products to help you maximize your environment. Reach out and we’ll get you a custom quote or talk to a Sales Representative now at +1 (800) 915-4012.
Which countries do you serve?
SoftPoint has offices in Arizona and Mexico but our global reach is enhanced by an international dealer network.
What products are available?
Currently, the SoftPoint ecosystem of products includes: analytics, EMV payments, point of sale systems, self-ordering kiosks, online ordering, and tableside ordering.
I saw SoftPoint for a different price. Can you match it?
Every one of our SoftPoint partners strives to provide merchants with the best plans and pricing for their individual business needs. However, there are other entities, found on eBay and elsewhere, advertising SoftPoint at low prices despite not being genuine SoftPoint partners. Such offers should be approached with caution.

SoftPoint is sold by leading financial institutions such as Bank of America, Worldpay, First Data, TSYS, NCR, and Wells Fargo, or from more than 300 other SoftPoint partners that also sell SoftPoint solutions in the US, Canada, and Mexico. For specifics, please call +1 (800) 915-4012 for assistance.
Can I use my existing merchant services account with SoftPoint?
One of our qualified business consultants can access your options and determine the best solution but in most cases we can as we are certified Worldpay, First Data, TSYS, Heartland, Elavon, Chase, and many more. For specifics, please call +1 (800) 915-4012 for assistance.
What are the contract terms and are there termination fees?
SoftPoint contract terms and any termination fees can vary based on your service provider, whether SoftPoint Direct or among our trusted partners including Bank of America, Worldpay, First Data, TSYS, NCR, and Wells Fargo, or from more than 300 other SoftPoint partners that also sell SoftPoint solutions in the US, Canada, and Mexico. For specifics, please call +1 (800) 915-4012 for assistance.
Does SoftPoint offer any support?
Of course, support is our #1 feature! Knowing that our team is available 24/7-year round to assist with your hardware, software or payment issues is quite the relief. The Customer Success Team can be reached by email at or by phone +1 (800) 915-4012 x2 to assist with your specific questions or issues.
Does SoftPoint know if there is an issue with my system?
The SoftPoint system has crash analytics and real-time reporting built into the system. This allows us to know if your internet is down, receipt printer is running low on paper or any issues that may present themselves as soon as they happen. From here we call that location to walk them through getting the system back online.
What if my internet goes down?
All systems can accept payments while the Internet is down and then processing those transactions when connectivity returns. Additionally, we have multiple devices that can take payments via wireless LTE networks with an optional LTE service plan.