Tip Selection or Tip Adjustment
Whether you would like to run as you do today with traditional tip adjustment or whether you want to run true pay at the table with Tip selection DataPoint has both to offer.

SoftPoint can be configured to accept a tip selection at the time of payment. The tip selection allows for the client to choose how much to tip. Statistically servers receive more tips when the customer is faced with entering a tip amount.

Softpoint has build in logic to allow for traditional folio presentation to the customer for payments. A server will simple print there the receipt as they do now, bring it to the customer. The customer will offer there credit card. The service will process there credit card and return with a receipt where the customer can add the tip. DataPoint will suspend the payment transaction until the server returns to the terminal and enters the tip value the customer offered. At the point DataPoint will submit the final payment amount and process the payment and the tip to the Point of sales system and close out the check.