Line Busting to full orders
DataPoint is not just a payment terminal.

Unlike other options in the marketplace, DataPoint provides for the ability to do so much more. One of the key features is the ability to do ordering from the same payment terminal.

This allows the user to use our terminal for table ordering, line busting or even, with its 4G capability, take it into the field and take orders and still be communicating with the integarted point of sales system. Don’t let its size foul you, DataPoint can handle complex ordering including bundling, roaming discount, modifier management, fire order, SKU look ups, multilingual ordering, and so much more.

We are integrated to to your point of sales, which allows us to show the same menu that the user would see on an a terminal. This means that as prices change and items are removed, DataPoint is in Realtime receiving those updates also allowing for the operation to benefit form this functionality.