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SoftPoint is the first fully integrated hospitality management system designed to centralize Restaurant, Retail, and Hotel activities while offering products and services to other synergistic markets.

With the use of cutting-edge technology, smart devices, and innovation; SoftPoint provides applications to better run your operations and back-office management. Softpoint provides your customers with a better overall experience. The SoftPoint team is spearheaded by various industry professionals from all areas of point of sale operations that have united to create one fully integrated platform.


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SoftPoint is an integrator that has solved the interconnection problems that delay the deployment of EMV throughout the marketplace. Our technology allows us to connect to ISV’s as well as Legacy ISV product offerings and to be able to process EMV payments efficiently and securely.

Our product innovation is the ability to connect and integrate without having to physically be connected to a terminal. Our product doesn't connect to any ports on the actual terminal which eliminates the ability to be breached. We also eliminate information from going back and forth between terminals by creating an internal payment cloud within the merchant’s environment that allows the merchant to efficiently process payments while taking their entire merchant and even Legacy ISV products, completely out of scope.


Over 30 years of experience...

SoftPoint was designed to centralize all of your business activities; whether for the management of an outlet, the operations of the business, or for the interaction and services offered to your clients.

The principals of SoftPoint have pioneered many functions that you work and live with today. Our team is not only comprised of technologist, but also includes owners of businesses that use and need the platform we create. Our suite of solutions and services gives businesses of all sorts the ability to conquer their point of sale needs. SoftPoint is based on patented technology and has been in the business of providing software solutions for the hospitality industry for over 30 years.

Why Use Us?


Built with security in mind, our systems are fully PCI compliant with point-to-point encryption.


Your needs drive our innovation. We provide you with a platform with revolutionary ease of use, uptime, and agility.

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Over 30 years of experience in delivering proven technology for the hospitality industry.

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Staffed 24/7 to ensure your call is always answered in the most efficient manner possible.

Meet The Team

Christian Rivadalla
Chris Rivadalla
Scott Cunningham
Director of Sales

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: Make technology a transparent asset so that your business can use it to foster growth. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business in order to simplify the growing process. As your technology partner, when your business grows ours will grow, working hand in hand to create and support the best environment possible.

Our Products

SoftPoint is a cloud-based technology company that has been producing software and services for the hospitality industry for over 30 years. We have over 100 commercial applications grouped into four main solutions designed to manage all aspects of a business.

Ultimate Payment Experience
Enhanced Communication & Controls
Point of Sale
Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, Spa & Ticketing
Market Places
Custom Booking & e-Commerce platforms

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